We completed our first adventure, a Half Lap of Australia in October 206.  Find our more about our journey and the planning



Prado, tent, cameras, action! The first journey we will take will cover South, Central and West Australia, Victoria and the ACT, on a 7 month, 4wd adventure to explore and photograph the Australian landscape.


Kath’s pride and joy, a 2003 Toyota Prado, christened affectionately ‘Priscilla’ will be our transport, our refuge and our home for the 7 months we are on the road. Now fully fitted with all the added extras needed for outback driving, it will give us the freedom and opportunity to head off the beaten track and get to the heart of the Australian landscape.


Kath and Susan are both voracious planners and organising such a big trip meant commencing the planning as early as possible, Over a year ago, sitting in their central heated top floor apartment in Bournemouth, Dorset, the seeds were sown for their joint dream to travel around Australia.

Since arriving back in Australia in December 2014, they both secured jobs and funds to make at least half of the overall dream come true! Then, in August 2015, Kath made the vital purchase of a 4wd, Prado, which will be their home and transport when travelling through some remote parts of the country. We have planned, packed, stored and also undertaken courses (4wd and First Aid) to help support our journey.

We have a pretty detailed route plan mapped out now, but also the opportunity to go 'off piece' if we need or want to.

You can follow our route and locations we visit via our Blog, Facebook page, Instagram or Website.



Our first journey will focus primarily on Kath and Susan’s home states of WA and SA respectively. From the varied coastline in SA through to the outback, heading up through the well known Flinders Ranges and Lake Eyre regions to the centre of Australia, where will take a breath in the Red Centre before focusing on the diversity and vastness of WA . From Broome to Perth, we will take in wildlife, wildflowers, red sand and the contrasting cool blue of the Indian Ocean. We will then turn our attention back east, head over the Nullabor, back through Adelaide and then along the Great Ocean road to Sydney.


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